The reviews are in and Alice is a hit! Thank you to all who have taken the time to write such wonderful things!

Alice Silverman is the interior designer that people are always looking for, but rarely find. I have worked with her at two locations, and at both homes, she has been creative, highly professional and successful in helping me achieve the desired result and more. The people with whom she works always return phone calls in a timely manner and any issues that occur are handled quickly.

Alice has always respected my desire to be very involved in choosing fabrics and furniture, as well as when making decisions about building materials and paint color. She has great ideas, but she always listens to mine carefully to insure that my husband and I end up with the look and feel that reflects our taste. Her work people are talented reliable and neat.

I would recommend choosing Alice as an interior designer without hesitation. I can even say that we have fun working together and I do not know many people who can say that about their decorator.

Sandi & Allan
Mt. Kisco, NY

Working with you on the renovation of my kitchen has been pure pleasure. No one can believe that within six weeks my kitchen was completely redone. The people you brought in to do each phase of the renovation were so professional, so easy to work with, and they did an excellent job. Whenever you said someone was going to be at my house on a certain day at a certain hour, they were there. All the people I relay this information to are truly amazed as they have experienced or heard horror stories about waiting for days for a plumber, an electrician, or a painter to show up.

Thank you for your guidance, your expertise and your never-ending patience.

Barbara & Charles
Ardsley, NY

We love our new bedroom-bathroom master (sweet) suite! Thank you so much for everything – right down to the smallest details. The color and fabrics and marbles and stones are just perfect. You also made it so much fun and really easy. Having you deal with contractors, plumbers, carpenters and painters all made the job run so smoothly. Thank you again for making our home so beautiful and complete (next is the new kitchen!). Kudos – Alice Silverman/Creative Interiors

Beth & Dov
Mt. Kisco, NY

There are two distinct advantages in working with Alice: The first has to do with her ability to fully understand our desires when it comes to creating the “look” of our home. Alice consistently reveals a deep expertise in knowing how to coordinate, style, and most significantly, acquire the furnishings that comfortably fit our taste.

The second advantage is simply that Alice is a wonderful person: warm, caring and thoughtful. The relationship we have created moves beyond the realm of business: Alice is indeed a friend.

Linda & Bob
Brewster, NY

Alice Silverman is an excellent interior designer. We began working together on rooms in my home some months ago, and her abilities have prompted me to ask for more of her designs than I originally planned. We started with window treatments, and have moved on to furniture and rugs.

Three especial qualities of her work that make her so entirely satisfactory to me are, first, she works with the client, far from imposing her own view or style on my rooms. She has talked to me and listened closely to learn the sort of look and feel that I want in the house. She detects the client’s style, and then offers fabrics, and other materials that can achieve that style. Her broad experience, expert eye and command of varied resources in her field enable her to present to her clients a wide range of excellent choices.

In my case she has also accommodated my refusal to drive from Poughkeepsie into deepest, darkest Westchester, in search of her office. Though she can not bring to me all the fabrics stored there, she does often bring a trunk full of samples culled by her own fine taste and her sense of what I’m looking for. From that array she has guided me to make selections that are not only beautiful solely, but work together within a room; as well as from room to room. In the living room for instance, after choosing splendid fabrics for curtains, for reupholstering the furniture and covering the throw pillows, Alice looked at all the fabrics’ colors and designs in order for her to design the room’s smashing custom rug. It is elegant, exciting, and the perfect base for the furniture and curtains that rise from it.

Alice herself is personable, of good cheer, interested in the world beyond interior design, diligent, and glamorous. And she’s punctual. I recommend her entirely.

Poughkeepsie, NY

I would like to share my experience with Alice with you. In 2004, my husband and I decided we wanted to up-grade our Living room, Dinning room and Kitchen, the total first floor of our home. We felt that finding an Interior Decorator was the way we should go and so I started making phone calls from the yellow pages. I narrowed it to three people and set up appointments to talk. When Alice arrived and we started talking, we could have talked longer than the two hours we had spent. The other two decorators were good but the feeling we got from Alice was one of comfort, Alice knew instinctually what we were looking for. The process began. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so Alice and I were out picking out what we wanted, wood floors, new kitchen cabinets, livingroom chairs, wall sconces, dining room chandelier and all the rest that we would need in between my operations, and tests.

She did all the ordering, checking on the orders, making sure they were delivered on time, I didn't have to worry about any of it, just doing what I needed to do to get well. When the work started, her contractor, Lou came and we all went over every detail. The work took a few months and again I didn't have to worry about anything getting done. Lou and his crew were there every day, I was up in bed, they knew to come in, they would call up hello and on to work they went. Alice was there quite often checking on their progress and making sure it was perfect, she became a bright spot on those days, bringing me lunch and staying a while. It was very easy for us to become friends. Any time I had questions or wasn't sure of the way something was done, I just called Alice and she took care of it.

By the time my chemo and radiation was done, so was my home and it was beautiful. Denis and I love it and we have many family and friends compliment all that was done and the transformation. Alice was a godsend to us, especially during that time in my life. Having someone to call in the various contractors, scheduling their appointments, having the work done in a continuous time frame made the experience pleasant and rewarding. I highly recommend Alice to anyone who is looking for an Interior Decorator with talent, knowledge, professionalism, and personality!

Irvington, NY

To Whom It May Concern,

We have just ended a complete makeover of the kitchen area in our residential home in Westchester County by way of the professional services of Alice Silverman at Creative Interiors. We are extremely pleased with the results and we would like to highlight some particulars about this project which led to the natural choice of Creative Interiors and its sub-contractors as our business partners.

Firstly, Alice’s knowledge and depth of experience was the right match for our desire to create a warm and inviting focal space in our home. Alice worked closely with us to navigate the world of available options, ensuring by way of her patient business approach that all matters ended to our complete satisfaction. Her creative layout and material choices as well as her attention to details provided us a design solution far above our expectations.

An important concern on this project involved the special needs of a highly food allergic child which begot our request for minimal disruption of our kitchen infrastructure during the lifetime of the project. Creative Interiors and its well-selected sub-contractors were impeccable in this regard and the result was full continuity in the ability to care for our child’s culinary needs throughout the construction of the new kitchen environment.

Finally, we were looking for a business partner with honesty and integrity to deliver high quality of services while meeting the flexibility needs of major design projects such as this. We found Creative Interiors highly accommodating in this regard and as we stated before we are very satisfied with the end product.

We have no hesitation to recommend Creative Interiors and look forward to working with them in the future.

Richard & Veronica
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Dear Alice,

Thank you so very much for the magnificent work you did for us. Our home is a beautiful show place that we enjoy every day because of your talent, patience and expertise.

As you know, Steve and I, both widowed three years ago, had two households to downsize and to merge when we decided to marry and purchase our condo-townhouse. My first response was total panic. And then, one of my friends recommended that we contact you. From the time we first met you to discuss this project, I know Steve and I were in good hands. We explained to you our decorating goals, described our likes and dislikes, and listed our priorities. You listened carefully, and from that day forward, you worked diligently to design our home according to our wishes. You are a very talented decorator with a great sense of style, an excellent array of resources, and a great understanding of the importance of the timely completion of projects.

When Steve and I purchased our condo, we knew that a great deal of work would have to be done. The unit itself needed upgrading: electrical upgrades, woodwork refinishing, fireplace remodeling, built-in cabinetry, and coordinate the colors (which one would expect from a decorator), but you made sure that every aspect of the work was completed to perfection. You acted as general contractor and so all the workmen who came and went from our new home, answered to you. You resolved all problems as they arose. You were consistently quick, efficient, and direct.

And then there were the furnishings and window treatments. You were so clever in how you used our existing furniture where possible and created uniformity with colors, textures and patterns. Steve and I so appreciated all your advice, guidance, and expertise as you helped us to select the best from our both homes. And, where none of our exisiting furnishings would work, your sense of design coupled with your appreciation for our style preferences resulting in our purchasing some wonderful pieces of furniture that we will enjoy for many years. In particular, we love our new dining room table and chairs, the magnificent drapes and coordinated tapestry seat cushions, the fabulous upholstered master headboard, just to name a few.

As you know, the furniture arrangements were of importance, not only for their design features, but because we wanted to be sure to have items from both our previous homes within each room. In addition, because Steve’s late wife was an artist, it was important to us to showcase some of her artwork, while displaying some of my more precious antiques and paintings. Combining our belongings was meant to represent the merging of two families; we each have three adult children for whom we wanted to creatve a comfortable feeling of inclusion. It was paramount to us that our home reflects our love for each other, respect for our children, and our desire to honor the memories of my late husband, Allan, and Steve’s late wife, Laura. This was an enormous project and you completed it in a timely frustration-free manner. You helped us achieve all of our goals and we are very grateful to you and your wonderful staff.

And, speaking of your staff, Steve and I have commented to each other several times over the course of our project that your staff is so very professional, responsive, and pleasant. Please extend our thanks to Michelle, Jessica, and Judy in particular.

So, Alice, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have created for us a home that we love, are proud of, and look forward to enjoying for many years.

Fran & Steve
White Plains, NY