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About Alice

Alice Silverman, President of Creative Interiors, Decorate in a Day Inc., Creative Staging Specialists and The Decorating M.D., has decorated and designed inspired residential and commercial environments for more than 35 years. As a young teen she began to appreciate beautiful things and cultivate her taste from frequent visits to art museums throughout NYC. Every trip to a new city or country included - and still always includes during current travels - galleries and museums. Jewelry, fashion, architecture, furnishings, antiques, and culinary delights are what Alice finds esthetically stimulating.

When Alice was in high school a prescient teacher called her a ‘sybarite’; she looked up the definition and knew instantly her life’s work would be in the arts. She didn’t realize it at the time but she really was a ‘lover of luxury’; she went on to create beautiful interiors for each of her clients. Her clever teacher saw that in her when she hardly knew it herself. 

Combining that love with building a business became her focus after several years of teaching elementary school. Her design career began in 1972 with decorating a condo model apartment, the first ever constructed in Putnam County for a budget of a mere $3,000! Rust shag carpeting, copper colored appliances and tiny rooms presented quite a design challenge. How to make this bland area into memorable rooms the potential buyers would want to visualize themselves living in and investing in required a magic trick.

Fortunately Alice’s ingenuity shone through. She mirrored the main wall in the “L” shaped dining alcove and hung an elaborate crystal chandelier above a skirted dining table in a dramatic geometric fabric of rust, black and white. Suddenly the space became much larger and more interesting. She had the builders install crown moldings, and painted the ceiling charcoal with white moldings and trim. The LR looked important and much more expensive than it was. Her newly printed business cards got taken quickly and most of the public who saw her model called to hire her for more work. A profession was born!

Alice is a people person, a good communicator and listener, is flexible and fair, has a strong innate sense of taste and style, and believes in taking her work seriously but with a large dose of humor.

Her downtime includes being with her grown sons and grandkids, entertaining, cooking and baking, traveling, seeing friends, reading, movies and dining. She loves chocolate above all other foods. There’s no point in consuming calories, Alice says, unless it’s chocolate.

Allied Member, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)
Member ABT (Allied Board of Trade)
Over 35 years experience as owner of design firms Creative Interiors & Decorate-in-a-Day.
Cutting-edge services including Creative Staging Specialists and the Decorating M.D.