Interior Design Services

Creative Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that handles commercial and residential projects from inception to completion by collaborating with expert professionals to seamlessly meet every project’s unique needs. We also work with our clients’ resources should they prefer.

We specialize in space planning, merchandise procurement, and renovation/contracting services to deliver custom-built spaces filled with original details like window treatments, flooring, and furnishings. We also work on kitchen design and bathroom design, from face-lifts to total renovations.

Our interior design services include:

Creative Interiors
Our signature, namesake level of service… how we refer to our Full-Service Interior Decorating and Designing, what we consider to be our “caviar and diamonds” level of service. This is the best solution for clients who are looking for a one-stop resource…

Creative Staging Specialists
Everybody wants their home to sell quickly for the maximum price. Creative Staging Specialists will help you to accomplish your goals that require skill, training, and time. We can implement and arrange for all of the necessary work for you or you can implement the work yourself with our guidance and instructions.

One two to three hour consultation service for homes or offices - it’s for the “do-it-yourselfer” who wants to experience the process of working with a professional interior decorator. Here we optimize what already
exists in a space and find ways to best use items…

The Decorating M.D.
Tell us where it hurts! Whether you need 10 minutes or several hours, this no-hassle, no-commitment service will help remedy your decorating or design problems quickly. How does it work? It's a very simple procedure with no lasting side-effects.